Hamburg, 3 April 2020 – The spread of the coronavirus in Europe and the restrictions associated with it will have an impact on the future net assets and the financial and earnings position of Bijou Brigitte. In view of the current course of business and the possible further effects of the coronavirus, two scenarios for 2020 as a whole have been drawn up. 
Assuming that the measures taken by governments to slow the spread of the coronavirus will last only until the end of May 2020; that sales in the following months will develop to the level of the previous year; and that appropriate savings potentials can be realised (rent, staff costs), the Bijou Brigitte Group anticipates in the best case sales of between EUR 260 million and EUR 275 million. For Group earnings before income taxes, a value of between EUR -12 million and EUR -2 million is expected. Assuming that current and non-current liabilities remain at the previous year’s level and no additional own shares are bought back, the Group expects an equity ratio of between 48% and 55%.
In the second scenario, it is assumed that the measures taken by governments and the resulting decline in sales of well over 90% compared with the same period last year will last longer than the end of May 2020. In this case, Bijou Brigitte anticipates that each passing month without fixed operating activities will reduce Group earnings before taxes by an additional EUR 12 million to a maximum of EUR 19.5 million. This will depend on the extent to which the running costs can be reduced.
The company expects the number of stores in the Bijou Brigitte Group to be lower than the previous year at the close of 2020.
The consolidated and annual financial statements of Bijou Brigitte modische Accessoires AG for the 2019 financial year will be published in April 2020.
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