Hamburg, 6 September 2022 – According to preliminary figures, the Bijou Brigitte Group achieved revenue of EUR 131.3 million in the first six months of the 2022 financial year (previous year: EUR 63.4 million). Group earnings before income taxes in the first half of 2022 amounted to EUR 11.7 million (previous year: EUR -27.2 million). The continued development of the Bijou Brigitte Group’s business in the 2022 financial year will be largely influenced by the development of inflation and purchasing power. New waves of coronavirus infections could result in renewed restrictions in the bricks-and-mortar retail trade; potential supply and staff shortages as well as the further course of the war in Ukraine and the associated impact on gas supplies could adversely affect business performance. 
Assuming that none of these or other external disruptions affect the further course of business, revenue ranging from EUR 280.0 million to EUR 300.0 million could be achieved in the 2022 financial year (2021 financial year: EUR 216.0 million). Group earnings before income taxes could reach between EUR 20.0 million and EUR 35.0 million (2021 financial year: EUR 19.9 million) and inventories as of 31 December 2022 could be between EUR 53.0 million and EUR 63.0 million. Assuming that current and non-current liabilities remain slightly below the previous year’s level and no additional own shares are bought back, the Group expects an equity ratio of between 64.0% and 66.0% (2021: 60.0%). The investment volume in the 2022 financial year could be between EUR 3.0 million and EUR 8.0 million (2021: EUR 3.1 million). The company expects the number of stores in the Bijou Brigitte Group at the close of 2022 to be slightly lower than in the previous year (31 December 2021: 926 stores).
The full half-year financial report of Bijou Brigitte modische Accessoires AG will be published in mid-September 2022. 
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